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QW Submersible Non Clogging Sludge Pumps, Flow Rate (Q):10 - 950 (m3/h)
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QW Submersible Non-Clogging Sludge Pumps

Outlet Diameter
40 - 300
Flow Rate (Q):10 - 950 (m3/h)
Lift Head (H):7 - 35 (m)
Power Consumption:0.75 - 110 (kw)

Features And Applications

The Series WQ / QW submersible non-clogging sludge pumps are the improved models based on a German product of submersible non-clogging sludge pump. The products are equipped with the special single-channel impeller, two sets of hard alloy dynamic seals and the oil immersed motor. The products possesse the advantages of non-clogging, long life expectancy, high efficiency and energy saving. The submersible non-clogging sludge pumps are suitable for transporting industrial and municipal sewage. They can also work as drainage pump, pulp pump, filter pump, wash pump, cooling recycling pump and irrigation pump. The pumps are widely used in mining sites, construction projects, factories, hotels, hospitals and residential areas.

QW Submersible Non-Clogging Sludge Pumps Structure

QW Submersible Non-Clogging Sludge Pumps Data Sheet

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