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A solenoid valve is an electromechanical device which enables to have an electrical device to manage the flow of the gas or liquid. The electrical device leads to a current to flow via a coil on the solenoid valve. This current flow consequently produces a magnetic field which in turn causes the displacement of the metal actuator.The actuator is robotically associated with an analog valve within the solenoid valve. The valve then changes condition, either opening or closing to permit a liquid or gas either to flow through or perhaps be blocked by valve. A spring can be used to come back the actuator and valve to their resting condition once the current flow is taken away.These units are available in various configurations and sizes. Solenoid valves could be normally open, normally closed, or perhaps a two-way valve. A normally open one enables a liquid or gas to flow through unless of course a present is used. A normally closed valve works within the opposite manner. A 2 way version has three ports one port is typical, the first is normally open and also the third is generally closed.
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