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YSG Series Bistable Latching(NC)Solenoid Valve, Size 1/2"~ 2"
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YSG series bistable latching(NC)solenoid valve 1/2"~ 2"

YSG series bistable latching(NC)solenoid valve                                                                            

working medium:water、liquid、air

medium temperature:-5~80℃    

working type:direct current pulse type(NC )                                          

valvebody material:reinforced nylon PA66(German)

interface:G thread    NPT thread 

working voltage:DC2.5~6.5V  IP67  

coil resistance:25Ω 

min current:190mA

pulse width:≥10ms

response time:open≤0.15s  close≤2s 

 YSG series bistable latching(NC)solenoid valve Drawing

  YSG series bistable latching(NC)solenoid valve Specifications



   YSG series bistable latching(NC)solenoid valve Components


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