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CQF Series Magnetic Drive Pump, Lined Fluorin Plastic
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CQF Series Magnetic Drive Pump

I Summary For Cqf Series Magnetic Drive Pump

CQF Series Magnetic Drive Pump

CQF magnetic drive pump is new power-saving product which is depended on magnetic coupling to transport power. It canceled traditional shaft deal and coupling, which makes complex dynamic seal to reliable static seal, avoid emitting, dropping and leakage. It is widely used in petro-chemical, food industry, medicine, dying, paper making, environment, metallurgy, power, chemical industry. The magnetic drive pump has three types according to the mediums:

  1. CQFS series pump is made up of florin plastic enhanced alloy(power is below 2.2 kw)

  2. The parts contacted with liquids of CQB series pump is made up of stainless(power is below 37kw).

  3. pump casing is made up of lined fluorin plastic enhanced alloy, impeller and pump cover are made up of pressed fluorin plastic enhanced alloy (power is below 37kw).

The usage of pump is widen because of different materials, It can well resist vitriol, phosphate, hydrofluoric acid, muriatic acid, hitric acid. This series pump is designed according to international standard of ISO2858, every spare parts have enough safe coefficient, so it can satisfy high pressure and high capacity, max. capacity is 50M3/h, max. head is 80m.

CQF Series Magnetic Drive Pump Structure?image&quality=80&size=b9999_10000&sec=1561976293210&di=1268d40cd1f2353028efabfee9d097f5&imgtype=0&src=http%3A%2F%2Fchengyang021.com%2Fimages%2Fclb05_05.gif

II Property Parameters Table For Cqf Series Magnetic Drive Pump

CQF Series Magnetic Drive Pump Data Sheet

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